Perfomance chart

It’s very useful to have  picture with comparison of different hardware or software performance.

Lets trying to make a simple chart  witch can show god and bad sits of processor Intel core i7.


Lets go to and create new chart (If you have no account, create it. Registration is simple and free).

Firstly we configure the view settings (type of chart, title, colours,.. ).

Choose  3D bar chart type.

Write title “Intel Core i7 Performance Analysis in games”

Write Y axis title “Frames per second (Higher is better)”

Set size 250×500.

Choose  Background & Plot colour. It is simple.

Choose Plot orientation:”Horizontally”, Legend:”Show”, Items Labels: “Show”.


After all of this we should past the data for the chart.

Using plus buttons add more rows and column.

Write  labels: “Crysis”, “Enemy Territory” and values  for each rows.

Value names and graph colour is  settings of columns. In our example column is information about processor, row is information about game.

You should make something  like this:


During editing press Save Chart button and click on the preview area. You will see your fullsize chart.

Save  chart.

Now we can publish the result.

Press  Save & get HTML and choose HTML type.

Copy-past link html tag code to your page.

And get result like this:

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  1. Erick Chew says:

    do you guys think they will upgrade this product to a better one ?

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