Some words about hosting

Important question for small project like ChartGizmo is hosting.

If you are using PHP, Perl or something like it, you can get cheap hosting. If you have a lot of money you can bay expensive multi core server with best internet connection.  But we are poor developers and we are using Java =)

If you are like to save your money you have to find compromise between quality and price.

For first month we had used old home PC with bad internet connection. As result our site was down for two nights.

After we bought virtual dedicated server on

We was happy. For 29$ per month we had four core server. But this price included only 256 Mb of memory. It is too little.

Next three months we had good life.

All good is finishing. After celebrating of 2500 registered users on our service we firstly got “Not enough memory” error message. It was a good error  just because it was result of  intense interest.

And we also got feedbacks from users about slow speed of our site. After small investigation we found grudge. It was network delays of Godaddy’s routers.

We started to think about new hosting.

We found good hosting at

It’s pretty hosting with good price and quality. After couple months using I can recommend this service.

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