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Below are some unsolicited snippets from our users comments.

From www.killerstartups.com

Who said charts were boring? Charts, despite being relegated to the forlorn spaces of school projects, financial planners, and business-y execs with shiny suits and money on their minds, are useful things.

And, surprisingly, they're not that easy to make (the good enough for ad execs ones, at least). You've got to have a good data set, and an equally good chart maker with fancy graphs and colors.

ChartGizmo is one such program. It's a new startup that deals in graph making for free.

You can use it to make graphs for your blog, social network, or yes, that dreaded school project. With ChartGizmo, you can make three standard types of graphs:pie, bar, and line.

Data can come from a number of sources, including static, dynamic from Javascript code and dynamic from html. You can also export data from trusty, old Excel. Not convinced? It's free and there's more diagrams and charts to come in the upcoming versions.

From ignati.com

ChartGizmo is a web services that allows you to make charts easily without a spreadsheet program.

Provides line, bar, pie and ring chart types with normal and 3D visualization. Creating a chart is very easy, simply input your data or import from a spreadsheet data then choose the design to suits your need.

This services is free of charge but requires you to signup first.

From www.lockergnome.com

I don’t know what it is about charts but I just can’t seem to get enough of them. Reading information is one thing, but seeing it presented in a graphical way makes it so much more appealing and understandable. I haven’t seen enough presentations to be sick of them like many people in business are, and this means that a good chart still has an impact on me. While I do appreciate charts, I’ve only had to create a few of them in my life. There are many ways in which you can create charts, and ChartGizmo is another attractive solution.

If you look through the examples, you’ll see that the charts look great, and the nice thing is that you can create these charts with very little effort. ChartGizmo supports a variety of different chart types, and once you’ve selected the type that works for you, all that’s left to do is customize the appearance and provide the data. The data can come from a number of static and dynamic sources, and you’ll be able to share the created charts in the way that works best for you.

From Moderateur.blog.regionsjob.com

Vous pouvez être amené à publier des graphiques sur votre blog : résultats de sondages, historique de vos candidatures, informations sur votre secteur d'activité... Les cadres d'utilisation sont nombreux. Leur utilisation peut donner un côté dynamique à votre blog et être un plus...

Le service est vraiment pratique : entièrement gratuit, il vous permettra de créer vos graphiques en moins de 5 minutes.